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Meaning Of Naamba
Naamba Holistic Day Spa offer spa treatments and health modalities to release physical, emotional and energetic density, thereby raising the vibration of peace by restoring original nature. This is an Earth service and the highest purpose of our holistic practice. The direct relationship between the expansion and flowering of human consciousness and Earth's transition process is becoming more understood by the collective.

“Naamba” is the original aboriginal name for Nambour and it's surrounding hinterland. Named after the Naamba Tree; a rare flowering tea tree that is the native bottlebrush unique only to this area. As this flowering tree grows it reaches out in expansion with a strong sense of belonging and connectedness to the land. A dual name fit to the ethos and spirit of this day retreat; bridging land and sky.

The name “Naamba” holds the original vibration of this location before it was colonised and matches in frequency with the pure intention of this boutique spa.
Inner wellbeing services are individually tailored to suit; from nutrition and lifestyle counselling, therapeutic bodywork, energy work to relaxing day spa treatments. Discover "Naamba"... discover you... blissful respite for the Spirit. 

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