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Energetic Work

Medical Qigong - Pranic Healing - Needle-less Acupuncture
Known as Pranic Healing in the West, this subtle energy therapy clears excess Qi from acupoints, nadis and major chakras and activates Qi deficient energy centres. Aligning meridian pathways and straightening the vital health rays of the body results in improved immunity and hormonal wellbeing. Incredible and miraculous health benefits using Medical Qigong have been recorded within the world’s largest medicineless hospital in China.

Smoothing out the energy currents promotes a delicate yet deeply healing and uplifting experience allowing you to come back home to Self. Profound realisations can occur during or within the following few days of a Qigong treatment.*Gem, Sound and Colour Therapy may be used.                  
15 min - Express   30 min - Regular   60 min - the lux

Energetic Add Ons
Smudging – Aura Clearing Ritual
Smudging is the common name given to a powerful cleansing technique used within the North and South American tradition.  The ancient ritual of burning Palo Santo purifies your mind, body and atmosphere and restores balance. With strong anti-oxidant properties, Palo Santo also promotes blessings and abundance. Cleanse away all emotional and psychic debris that may have gathered over the last few days, months, or years. In a very real way, it is a form of spiritual spring cleaning!

Qi Boost – Life Force Therapy – Qi Machine
The Qi Machine helps clear meridian pathways facilitating maximum flow of healing energy through all body organs. Creating a rhythmic figure eight wave like motion aligns the spine and Qi begins to flow freely strengthening your spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health. As it activates and energises cellular Qi within the spinal fluid every cell throughout your entire body is oxygenated thus increasing your metabolic rate and aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system. A wonderful energetic entrée as it enables a more refined sensitivity of subtle energy to be experienced enhancing further energy work.
15 min - $20

Pranic Facelift – Needle-less Acupuncture
Coloured Prana Applications are specifically directed to tone, energise and balance the energy currents of the face. Experience the rejuvenating effect of Pure Prana for a youthful life enhancing glow and skin boost.
15 min - $20

Unique Flower Essence Signature
Australian Bush and Bach Flower essences specifically chosen to match your current energetic frequency signature. Working on the layers of the emotional and mental body during treatment provokes deep and profound effects. An absolute stress buster to promote clarity and deep inner peace. *Taken internally and/or used directly on acupoints during treatment.

Sacred  Sanctuary
Overlook the hinterland from Naamba’s sacred garden sanctuary. Relax in the cosy Cocoon Chair sipping a herbal cuppa as you indulge your feet in a warm soothing Lavender Milk Foot Spa.
15 min - $20
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