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Therapeutic Bodywork

Bodywork - Remedial Chinese - Intuitive
A personalised treatment dedicated to restoring inner balance and holistic wellness; synergising your inner journey with the physical. A firm yet gentle corrective treatment for Spinal, Pelvic and Sacral Alignment. Spinal Alignment allows miasm (emotional wound) to move from cellular memory toward the heart for awareness and compassionate release.

The left and right sides of the body are balanced through Soft Tissue Manipulation, Tendon Release and subtle Structural Adjustments. Point Location releases excess energy via meridians through breath and gentle stretching techniques, regulating Qi and blood flow and removing local stagnation or pain.  

Increased body awareness forges a strong connection between your Body,Heart/Mind and Spirit. Creating a positive “heartspace” bridges these two poles into a unity of purpose. Profound shifts can often occur within two to three days of treatment and instruction is provided on surfing the emotional currents and grounding these changes.
Emotion = Energy in Motion.
This specialised treatment is recommended for clearing old unconscious or conscious emotional history and/or stubborn emotional holding patterns such as grief or depression. 

A combination of Oriental Therapies (An Mo Tui Na) may be used to remove Qi and blood stagnation, restore Qi deficiency and ease tension or cold conditions. Visit About An Mo Tui Na to learn more.

Be back in touch with your vision, your passion, your mission. BE the person you came here to BE
30 min - Express   60 min - Regular   90 min - Full Body

Therapeutic Add Ons
Lymphatic Drainage
Reduces inflammation and detoxifies the body by removing sluggish toxins from the lymphatic system. Hormonal and immune function is improved. A healing accompaniment to Bodywork helping speed up cellular and tissue regeneration. Very gentle and soothing.
30 min - $55

Oriental - Cupping
Restores the natural flow of blood and Qi within tissues and energy meridians. A combination of stationary and gliding cups relieves cold conditions, blood congestion, stagnation and Qi deficiency or excess within major energy centres. A pain free alternative to Acupuncture however can cause some short term bruising to the skin.
15 min - $25

Oriental - Guasha & Moxibustion
Guasha is an invigorating yet gentle scraping technique that relieves excess Qi, heat and wind conditions. Then relax deeply into the soothing yet penetrating heat of Moxibustion. Burning Mugwort (Moxa) gently stimulates acupoints and warms meridian pathways generating good Qi flow and balance.
15 min - $25

Medical Qigong - Needle-less Acupuncture
This subtle energy therapy clears excess Qi from acupoints, nadis and major chakras and activates Qi deficient energy centres. Aligning meridian pathways and straightening the vital health rays of the body results in improved immunity and hormonal wellbeing. A delicate yet deeply healing and uplifting experience allowing you to come back home to Self.
15 min - Express   30 min - Regular   60 min - the Lux

Unique Flower Essence Signature
Australian Bush and Bach Flower essences specifically chosen to match your current energetic frequency signature. Working on the emotional and mental body during treatment provokes deep and profound effects. An absolute stress buster to promote clarity and inner peace. *Taken internally and/or used directly on acupoints during treatment.
15 min - $20

Sacred  Sanctuary
Overlook the hinterland from Naamba’s sacred garden sanctuary. Relax in the cosy Cocoon Chair sipping a herbal cuppa as you indulge your feet in a warm soothing Lavender Milk Foot Spa.
15 min - $20

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