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Naamba Health & Day Spa

Close to Mapleton, yet only 5 minutes from Nambour CBD, Naamba Health & Day Spa inspires a feeling of true beauty.

Amidst the emerald green mountainside, this day retreat provides health and spa services that raise the vibration of peace and joy and help expand human consciousness. 

Nurturing spa rituals honours the Self and provides blissful respite for the Spirit.

In direct accordance and resonance with the land, Naamba Health & Day Spa is committed to offering heart felt experience's in which every personal journey is unique, in order to cleanse and restore to original nature.

Authentic service in unpretentious surroundings engenders a sacred space to reconnect with the land and Self.

Inner Wellbeing services and therapies are tailored to suit; from nutrition and lifestyle counselling, therapeutic bodywork, energy work and relaxing day spa treatments to Self discovery through weekend workshops.

Naamba supports and encourages you to rise unto your best Self.


  Pract. Tamara Williams

Tamara 5

 Bodyworker Natural Therapist

Specialising in Bodywork, Tamara has worked primarily as a Massage Therapist within Fitness Centre’s, Beauty Salons, Resorts and various Alternative Health Clinic’s across Australia.

Utilising over 23 years of experience, working in settings of Remedial Massotherapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, allows Tamara to blend the therapeutic benefits of an “East meets West” treatment tailored to suit you!

Techniques from Remedial Chinese Massage (An Mo Tui Na), Touch For Health, Relaxation, Swedish Massage, Medical Qi Gong and Intuitive Medical Bodywork combine to ensure – Therapeutic Bodywork, Deep Relaxation, Body Balance, Structural Alignment and Relief from Acute or Chronic Muscular conditions. 

“Be Confident, Your Body Is In Good Hands"


Healing Techniques Performed by Tamara Williams

·      Deep & Relaxing Therapeutic Massage

·      Removing Blood & Qi Congestion & Stagnation (Cupping - Guasha)

·      Easing Tension & Cold Conditions (Heat Therapy - Moxibustion)

·      Balancing & Aligning Meridian Pathways (Acupressure - Medical Qigong)

·      Restoring Qi Deficiency (Acupressure - Medical Qigong)

·      Body Balance (Pelvic - Spinal Alignment)

·      Relieving Pain & Movement Restriction (Tendon Release - Soft Tissue Manipulation)

·      Subtle Structural Adjustments 

·      Intuitive Energetic Healing (Medical Qigong - Colour Therapy - Sedona Method)

·      Use of Australian Bush Flower & Back Flower Essences (Internal - Acupoints)

·      Nutritional Advice & Lifestyle Counselling 





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